TWS Homemade Products The TWS Beefburger is a serious burger for a real burger lover!
In this TWS Homemade packaging you'll find the important ingredients to make 2 Great TWS Beef Burgers at home, 2 premium New Zealand beef patties of each 150gr (really!). This together with 2 solid buns, a nice portion of fries and of course the magic TWS burger sauce to make it complete!

Now is your chance to be a Western Chef and serve your family the Great TWS taste at home!
Cooking instructions:
Before start
  • Defrost the meat at least 30 min before use, keep the fries frozen!
  • Prepare deep-frying pan (or airfryer)
  • Prepare grill plate or flat baking pan

Start cooking
  1. Fry the fries for 6 min in deep fryer (or 12 min in airfryer)
  2. Slice half of your burger bun, spread some butter on each side and grill for about 2 minutes, until your bun turns golden light brown
  3. Pour some oil/butter in your frying pan and pan-grill the burger patties for 4 minutes on each side, using low heat fire
  4. Place patties on the bun and put the magic TWS BBQ sauce on the patty
  5. Serve with fries
Optional: Gardish your burger with vegetables of your choice and a slice of cheddar cheese to make it more delightful.
Bon Appetit!