TWS Black Pepper Lamb Chop

TWS Homemade Products The TWS All-Time-Favourite Black Pepper Lamb Chop is now available for you at home!

In this TWS Homemade packaging you'll find all ingredients to make a 2 Great TWS Lamb Chops at home; 2 special marinated TWS lamb chops, ready to cook. This together with 2 portions of fries and our TWS Black Pepper sauce to make it complete!

Now is your chance to be a Western Chef and serve your family the Great TWS taste at home!
Cooking instructions:
Before start
  • Defrost the meat, sauce and corn 30 min before use, but keep the fries frozen!
  • Prepare frying pan and deep-fryer (or airfryer)

Start cooking
  1. Preheat the fryer at 180°C and fry the fries for 6 min (or 12 min in the airfryer)
  2. Pour in some oil/butter in a frying pan, turn on the fire at medium heat
  3. Grill the lamb chops for 3 min on one side, turn it round and grill for another 3 minutes. After that, set the lamb chop aside on a plate
  4. Heat the Black Pepper Sauce
    • Pan heat 1-2minute on low fire and do not let it boil
    • Or, directly boil the whole sauce bag in boiling water for 2-4minute
  5. Sweet corn directly boils whole bag corn in boiling water for 1-2minute
  6. Pour the Black Pepper sauce over your lamb Chop
  7. Dress up your plate with fries, sweet corn and any salad of your choice!

Note: These black pepper sauce and frozen corn bags are heat resistant.
Bon Appetit!