Dining Safe Together

April/May 2022

On this page we like to inform you about the safety measures TWS is taking to let you enjoy our Great Western Food.

What did we do to keep you safe?
At TWS we use the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) provided by our Government as the basis for our own SOP. Hereby we highlight the most important points of our SOP to keep you as our customer and our team safe:

- All TWS staff members have been fully vaccinated, boosted and are being tested on the covid virus frequently.

- Health checks and MySejahtera registration will be conducted before anyone is entering our restaurants.
(as per 1 may 2022 no longer required)

- We can only allow persons inside our restaurants that have no covid or cold symptoms.

- We will guide you to your table after you registered at the entrance.
(as per 1 may 2022 no longer required)

- We sanitise the whole restaurant every day, using a special designed misting device.

- We keep a social distance of at least 1 meter between persons.

- We have special (one-direction) walk-ways for our customers to enter and leave the restaurant, so we can keep our social distance.
(as per 1 may 2022 no longer required)

- We keep ample space between our tables & bigger walkways to practice social distancing
(as per 1 may 2022 no longer required)

- Additional cleaning in the outlets, such as the doors, counters, and menu cards, etc. We will clean your table after you leave.

- We use extra protection like gloves & face masks while serving you and preparing your food & drinks.

- We keep our cutleries clean by not touching them with our hands & provide paper straws for all our drinks

- We've arrange extra staff to take care of your safety and wellbeing.

We closely follow the news and advice provided by the government and local situation, therefore we do not limit ourselves to above actions.


What can you do as customer?
Please note the following instructions when you visit our restaurant:

Before 1 may 2022: Your MySejahtera app should be updated and show a Low Risk & No Symptom status or a vaccination card that proofs your fully vaccinated (including 2 week waiting period) should be shown to our staff.

As per 1 may 2022: Your MySejahtera app should be updated and show a Low Risk & No Symptom status.

- No Symptom means, no fever, no running nose or coughing.

- Your sejahtera status should not instruct you to undergo home isolation or surveillance order by Ministry of Health.

- Sanitize your hands at the entrance when they enter and leave.

- Scan our entrance QR code and check-in with your MySejahtera app.
(as per 1 may 2022 no longer required)

- Please wait to be seated, let our staff guide you to your table to optimize social distancing.

- Please keep a 1 meter social distance from other people in the restaurant while walking.
(as per 1 may 2022 no longer required)

- Stay at your table unless you need a restroom break. Parents please keep your children at the table, so other customers and staff can have their safe social distance too.

- Keep your face mask on while walking and sitting on your table when your not eating or drinking.

- Cashless payment is preferred. We will settle your bill at your table and clean the machine before & after every transaction.

- Please follow the instructions provided by the our team.

Stay Safe - Thank you!