TWS Ramadhan Combo Set via Kaki-Lima Takeaway!

May 2020

Just order by phone and collect your TWS's Ramadhan Combo Set from your car. It's that easy, Convenient, Quick & Hassle-free!

Rather than waiting in line for long hours on end, just park your car and let us know your car plate number & we will get your food delivered to you, in the comfort of your car.

We combined our Great Western Food with the loving Ramadan flavor such as rendang!

Ramadhan combo set for 3pax
- Rendang Chicken Chop
- Golden Fish Nasi Goreng Nenas
- Crispy Rendang Chicken Burger
3x Sagu Gula Melaka
3x Bandung Cincau
Only for RM45!

Ramadhan combo set for 5pax
- Double Chicken Chop with Rendang Sauce
- Golden Fish Nasi Goreng Nenas
- BBQ Chicken Nasi Goreng Nenas
- Premium Fish and Chips
- Crispy Rendang Chicken Burger
5x Sagu Gula Melaka
5x Bandung Cincau
Only for RM75!

Give us a call and we'll prepare it on time so you can enjoy a great Buka Puasa!