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TWS Merdeka Contest Winner!

Sep 2018

We are amazed by the patriotism shown by our fellow Malaysians and we thank you for your participation.

Here's are some of the inspired thought on 'What makes you a true Malaysian?".

Malaysia have a unique cultures.. Sabah Sarawak Wilayah and all states in Malaysia showed me that all human should be together as one regardless all of difference to make the country successful.. Malaysia is a Democratic country.. Both "Pemimpin" and "Rakyat" should take care of each others .. This will lead to peace.. As long malaysia is in a good condition I will use all my abilities to serve this country..as long as "pemimpin" know their limit and boundaries i will give my 100% to make this country a role model to others country ... Country is all about being peace, relationship and boundaries. - Nurul Farain Atiqah Jaafar

What make me a true Malaysian?
Being citizens of our beloved country - Malaysia, we should be ‘truly Malaysian’ not only in our feelings but also in our actions. Different Malaysians have different opinions regarding the meaning of ‘truly Malaysian’. To me, being ‘truly Malaysian’ means portraying the Malaysian spirit wherever I am. I love Malaysia!. -Chong Siew Wah

Makes me a true Malaysia because..Our Malaysia is a multi rasial, culture, religions country and we all live in harmony...
Yummy food and drinks that make everyone enjoy..
Saya Anak Malaysia..
I love my country and im proud to be Malaysian
-Sunitha Sanasi