Ready to Serve!

September 2021

We are happy and excited to announce that we are opening our doors again for you to DINE-IN with us, we all missed you very much!

Safety for you and our team, is our top priority. We want you to enjoy our Great Western Food without any worries!

TWS Kota Laksamana and TWS Bukit Beruang are the first ones to open their doors safely from 17 September 2021 & TWS Melaka Raya is on 27 September 2021 and lastly TWS Batu Pahat on 11 October 2021! You are very welcome there to enjoy great western food served to you by our great team!

Flames and grills are ready, we're lock and loaded to provide you our Great Western Food that you have been craving for - Chicken Chop, Lamb Chop, Mix Grill and so many more!

To keep each other safe, we have prepared our restaurants and updated our SOP. We've created more space for social distance, we sanitise daily and all TWS members have been fully vaccinated!

As a customer, we seek your cooperation to keep everyone safe too, therefore we invite you to check our safety measures and instructions (based on the directive provided by the Government) before you visit our restaurant TWS Dining Safe Together.

We are looking forward to see you enjoy our Great Western food again!

Thank you and Welcome Back!