Winners Bukit Beruang

TWS Colouring Contest 2020

Congratulations to all the winners of TWS Colouring Contest 2020 for TWS Bukit Beruang!

Our team have sorted through over 300 entries and shortlisted 20 for our finalist in each outlet. The winners have been selected by our judges and team members.

Thank you to those who have participated in our Colouring Contest, we hope to see you again next year for more great activities!

1st placed - Elaine Teoh

2nd placed - Yong Pei Yee

3rd placed - Hannah Teoh Yen Ling

- Hanis Batrisyia Binti Hasri
- Lai Jin Tao
- Nur Farhah Auni Bt Mohd Suhaimi
- Nur Irtia Adriana Bt Mohd Razali
- Siti Wardina Imani Binti Amar
- Teoh Caisenn
- Maverick Kok Zi Peng
- Nur Farah Zilah Binti Abu Yazid
- Agatha Anne Tessensann
- Hairah Binti Inak Tomton