TWS Take Away Promo

Stay safe with TWS Take Away Promotion!

Introducing a new promotion just for you! Now you can enjoy our great western food at the comfort of your home. Enjoy 15% off when you take away two of our meals or enjoy a bigger discount up to 20% off and free mushroom soups to go along with your meals when you take away four of our great western food!

Remember, tapau mana? TWS LAH!

by TWS team, January 2021

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TWS Mix & Match

Always wanted to order more than a meal from TWS but tight on cash? Here’s your chance to get 2 main meals at RM30 only!

TWS introduces the Mix & Match Promo, where you can choose one meal from Group A & choose one meal from Group B and enjoy it for only RM30!

Ready to fill up your appetite with our meal, order from 11 am - 6 pm daily and leave your cravings satisfied!

by TWS team, June 2021

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New Takeaway Box

TWS got a new look and a whole new attitude, but everything else inside that has made TWS such a favourite great western food restaurant for years remains the same. The new packaging is aimed at attracting more Malaysians to discover the freshness, greatness and convenience that makes TWS the perfect partner for great western food.

So, where to tapau? TWS lah!

by TWS team, Nov 2020

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