BBQ Sensations Combo

January 2021

Now that 2021 is here, TWS would like to introduce to you our new sizzling & burning BBQ flavors!

Feast on an array of traditional, smoky Southwestern-style grilled meats with TWS BBQ SENSATIONS! For only RM69.90, you can get yourself and your family or friends different types and cuts of meat where each meal has its own unique sauce, rub, and style of cooking.

TWS BBQ Sensations Combo:
1x BBQ Nasi Goreng Nenas
1x Kebab Scewer
1x Lamb Chop with Sausage
3x Mushroom Soups
3x Drinks

It’s time to put some fire into your lunch or dinner with our new TWS BBQ Sensations Combo

Terms & Condition:
- For Dine-in & Takeaway only.
- Not valid in combination with other promotions (items).
- All price includes 6% SST.