tws cheesylicious

September 2022

The TWS windmills are coming from Holland ... and another great product from Holland is Cheese !
During our TWS Cheesylicious promotion campaign we are offering you this delicious cheesy taste embedded to the great western food you already know so well. It comes with creamy cheese either topped or dipped.

Craving for some cheesy goodness now?
Checkout our Cheesylicious Specials and select your favourite dish for your next visit to TWS!

Come over soon, because this promotional flavour is available for limited time only!

Did you know?
- In Holland they produce 650 million kg of cheese each year, they export 65% of it and they will eat the other 35% themselves, that means an average Dutch person will eat more than 20kg cheese per year!

- Holland is the second largest country in the world that exports cheese, more than 4 billion USD, we are a real cheese country!

- Cheese is a source of vitamin A, vitamin B12, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and magnesium, all very good ingredients for a healthy life!

Check out the Cheesylicious menu available at all TWS Restaurants.

TWS Cheesylicious Specials
TWS Cheesylicious Combo
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Like all our food, it's prepared with care, always fresh and 100% halal.

Eet smakelijk!