Refreshing Fruity & Honey Drinks

November 2023

Beat the heat with our Refreshing Fruity & Honey Drinks now.

Honey Citron Milkshake - RM16.90
This delicious yuzu milkshake is blended with honey citron and vanilla ice cream. Taste the fragrant lemony flavour with a hint of sweetness and creaminess

Mango Dragon Smoothie - RM15.90
Blended with tropical mango puree and fresh dragon fruit, we cannot image anything more refreshing to battle the summer heat with this freezing cold drink

Fizzy Honey Menta Plum - RM16.90
Honey with a dollop of menta cubano syrup dashed with sour plum and soda water. Get this rejuvenating drink with one of our honey BBQ meals today!