Refreshing Orange

January 2023

Celebrate this New year 2023 with outranges oranges flavor drink.

Yuzu Milkshake - RM16.90
This delicious milkshake is blended with honey citron and vanilla ice cream. Taste the fragrant lemony flavor with a hint of sweetness and creaminess

Citron Calamansi - RM15.90
For a real trier, try this sweet sour and short lived spiciness which stays in your tongue with our special calamansi and honey citron soda drinks

Jaffa Frappucinno - RM16.90
This New Zealand famous recipe has reach TWS with a new twist. The intense orange flavor and rich chocolate ice blended welcoming you in a new year!

Terms and Conditions
1. Dine in only.
2. All prices are inclusive of 6% service tax.
3. Not valid in combination with other promotion (items).