TWS Black Pepper-licious Specials!

August 2021

Savor the taste of your favorite Great Western Food now with a twist, the new TWS Black Pepper-licious!

Either if you're alone, a couple, a family or a group of friends, we have it all for everyone with our all-new Black Pepper-licious Specials! Made to suit everyone’s taste buds!

Black Pepper Grilled Chicken Whole Leg - RM19.90
Black Pepper Fried Rice Lamb Chop - RM32.90
Black Pepper Aglio Olio Beef - 20.90
Black Pepper Fish & Chips - RM18.90
Black Pepper Spaghetti Carbonara Chicken Chop - RM23.90
Black Pepper Grilled Chicken Chop - RM17.90
Black Pepper Fried Chicken Burger - RM19.90

Is it too hot to handle? Grab a bite at your nearest TWS outlets today to find out!

Terms & Condition:
- Not valid in combination with other promotions (items).
- All price includes 6% SST.
- Available for takeaway & delivery