TWS Merdeka Golden Specials

August 2020


It means ‘Independence’. That was the cry of the 1st Malaysia Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman on 31 August 1957. Malaysians all over the world continue to remember and celebrate this proud moment in Malaysia’s history.

Come and join us in the festivities and celebrate Merdeka with the golden taste of salted egg

And that's not all, each Merdeka Golden Specials promotion meal is entitled to special add-on for RM6.30 only for TWS Rustic Chicken Wings, TWS Chicken Wings, TWS Chicken Bites & Banana Split

TWS Merdeka Golden Specials:
Golden Double Chicken Chop - RM27.45
Golden Fish Nasi Goreng Nenas - RM19.90
Golden Crispy Chicken Chop - RM21.90
Golden Crispy Chicken Burger - RM18.90

Terms & Conditions
1. For Dine-in only.
2. Not valid in combination with other promotions (items).
3. All price includes 6% SST.
4. Valid until 31 August 2020.