BBQ Sensations Specials

January 2021

Wanting to indulge in this flaming, grilled, sizzling & absolutely perfect taste of BBQ but the TWS BBQ Sensation Combo is too big for your appetite? Fret not! Either if you're alone on your lunch break, a couple, a family or a group of friends, we have it all for everyone with our all-new BBQ Sensations Specials! Made to suit everyone’s taste buds, now you can enjoy the taste of BBQ at your nearest TWS outlet!

BBQ Special Mix - RM33.90
Chicken & Beef – RM32.90
BBQ Burger with fries – RM19.90
Kebab Scewer – RM21.90
Cordon Blue – RM19.93
Lamb Chop with Sausage – RM27.90

It’s time to put some fire into your lunch or dinner with our new TWS BBQ Sensations Specials

Terms & Conditions
1. For Dine-in & Takeaway only.
2. Not valid in combination with other promotions (items).
3. All price includes 6% SST.